Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Grabbing the Moment

I remember the exact minute each one of my girls was born.
Seems a rather odd thing, but I was so worried that I wouldn't remember with my first that I made it a point to look right at the clock when Carey rushed into this world.
Somehow that stuck with me, and with each child it has been the same.
Before I know what they are ~ boy or girl ~ I know when they came.
I seized those moments, because they were so extremely important to me.

And now?
The moments whirl and the clock twirls and time goes rushing on and on like a flooded, swollen river.
I want to grasp these seconds with both hands, but I can't.
I cannot grab them all.
My oldest is nine and just dabbling her toes in the waters of womanhood.
My second has yearned for months now to have a loose tooth, and now that one has started to wiggle?
She's scared to death and tears are falling.
And my littlest is a hurricane on two feet that keeps my days swirling and tumbling all over each other.
Oh, how I want to throw a net wide and catch up every memory, every word, every giggle.

But my nets have holes...
my camera shutter isn't fast enough...
my tired brain isn't quick enough....
my flying fingers aren't speedy enough....
they can catch just a few.

To catch this one life, I must make the plunge.
I can dive right in with arms stretched wide and marvel in the glory that is the Now.
I can drink it in and soak it in and immerse myself in today.
I can splash in it and swim in it and play in it, but I can only be in THIS part of it at THIS second.
Some days I forget, and I sit on the bank trying to catch a few slippery moments, but then I remember.
It's time to hold my breath, plug my nose, and jump!


  1. The waters of life are deep. We can plunge in them and swim or float in them and enjoy them or let them overtake us and drowned us. I'd much rather dive in and trust I'll resurface to enjoy the swim! :) Wonderful post, Patty! Love you and miss you all! Enjoy the pictures so much!!!

  2. Love this! I can relate so well!

    1. Sarah, I'm posting this here too, just to make sure you get it!

      Hello, Sarah! So glad to hear from you! I'm not sure why the contacts didn't come through....I checked my spam, but there didn't seem to be anything there and nothing over on facebook.....not quite sure what the problem was?!? Anyways, if those two didn't work, please email me your address at johninghana (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thanks!

  3. Thanks! I'll send you an email!