Friday, May 10, 2013

Raising My Girls to Have a Heart for Missions ~ A Seed & a Giveaway

Just forty days ago, we were surrounded by symbols of new life....
an empty tomb....
And we've counted and circled and lit our candle to remind us to let our light shine and read and prayed.
And yet it feels like we've gotten no farther.
That we are right back where we started.
But maybe that is how we are supposed to feel on the day Jesus ascended?

That all of this is just the beginning.
That this time Jesus spent with his disciples,
and the time we've taken to read about it and think on it are just a seed.
A tiny little idea that has taken these past 40 days to germinate and send down roots deep into the soil of our hearts.
Roots that will continue to spread and strengthen until they bear the fruit of a tender heart that loves Jesus and His mission.

Having a heart for missions ourselves and raising our kiddos to have the same is not something that happens over night.
It takes work....
conscientious effort....
just like raising those baby seeds to full grown plants.

It takes water.....of the Word.
It takes working.....with people.
It takes praying for and getting to know the needs of the world.
It takes habits......of making His job for us our job every day.
It takes the Master Gardener, knowing that He which has begun a good work in us will finish it!

And so I thank you for joining us on this journey.
Because really?
It is a journey we are all on, each day finding us one step closer {or sadly, a step farther away} to Him!

I hope something in this series has been a help or encouragement to you!
And for all those who've read, and all those who've left a note here or there, thank you!
And now a tangible way to say thank you ~ and maybe encourage you in pursuing a heart for missions?
A little giveaway.....
something I've been wanting to do for a while.......
just a bit of Ghana in a box.....
a few of my favorite things.....
for you!
Would you like a little happy mail, wherever you may be in the world?
Leave a comment and tell one unexpected way someone has encouraged you in the past....
That's all!
See you next week with the name of the winner!


  1. When we first came to Cambodia, we knew nobody! The missionary who met us at the airport took us to his house, introduced us to a lady that would watch our baby while we were in language school, and left for Thailand the next day. We were in Cambodia alone not knowing how to speak the language of those around us including Vilay, who was watching our baby. We found out that our mission board was unable to send support to the country of Cambodia and that was a HUGE problem! Eventually, the money we brought with us ran out. By this time, we could speak a bit of Khmer. Vilay asked what she should make for dinner the next day and I told her we decided to take a day off and eat popcorn. (the only thing we had left in the house! ) She figured out what was going on and showed up at our house the next day with a couple bags of groceries and toiletries! I was SHOCKED. Her salary was next to nothing - yet she used the little she had to be a blessing to us! Vilay is still a dear friend and part of our family! I will NEVER forget her kindness to us! Becky Ruppel

    Your articles were great, Patty!

  2. Thanks so much for this series. Maybe we need to repost it on the BMW blog?!!

    Recently a supporting church gave us a special love offering, and on top of that mailed us a package filled with American goodies (i.e. cereal, hot chocolate, candy, etc.). It was such a blessing because it's so easy to feel lonely and forgotten, and this church decided to do something special for us. God is good!

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  4. Another great post in this series! I've really enjoyed each one. And the Giveaway looks awesome!!!

    The moment that stands out in my mind happened a few years ago. We had been in Greenland just short time, (almost two years) and were hit with some devastating, financial news from the Government. It was a really bad time, and as with any trials it's hard to see through it when you are in the midst of it! One day a friend of ours showed up at our house (They had NO idea what we were going through) and he brought us a fifty pound bag of rice and two cases of frozen chickens! Little did he know at the time that he was an instrument of the LORD! That will always be one of our cherished memories of the mission field!

  5. I have enjoyed this series so much! I am excited every time I see a new blog post from you in my reader! :)

    My 11 yr. old son has recently had severe hearing loss in one ear, and we've had to have tests run, and an MRI...very scary time. I got home from the MRI with my son, and there were flowers on the kitchen counter, sent to me by a new friend. It was totally unexpected, and God used her to encourage my heart, and show me that not only does she care, but GOD cares!


  6. Thank you so much for this series! It has and will help me (especially since I am expecting my third girl)!

    We are missionaries in Serbia. We have been here for just over two years now. Last November, we received news that my grandfather was not doing well with his health. I was resigned to the fact that we would not see him again on this side of heaven and he would not get to meet his two great granddaughters. However, my dad's church (he is a pastor) decided to pay for all of us round trip tickets to come to the States to see him at least one last time! It was a great encouragement not only to us but also my grandparents! They were thrilled to meet their great granddaughters! The Lord is good!

    Rachel Foss

  7. have been enjoying this series... and actually this series encouraged me :) i had been thinking and wondering about if i were actually planting seeds of loving God and ministry in my kiddos lives and you started this!

    the Lord uses my children to encourage me most every day-their love for "momma" is still innocent and complete... my oldest daughter often selects my favorite candy from the box on Sunday mornings-instead of her own-because she knows I almost never buy candy :) the first time was quite an unexpected blessing that encouraged me heart!

  8. I have enjoyed your blog! Last year I was very sick for almost a month. Another missionary wife here brought me a basket with 4 cans of DR Pepper (very hard to find here, but it is my favorite drink) and a sweet card. It really lifted my spirits!
    Donna Schepers

  9. This has been a great series, Patty! Such great reminders, tips and ideas. You are so right - this is just the beginning. Every end is a beginning, too. Seeds may be invisible or easy to forget at times, but they are there and need love and nourishment to survive and grow. Love the analogy! :)

    As to an unexpected way that someone has encouraged me in the past... Probably the best thing I can think of is the times when people let me know they are praying for us. I remember when we started up our young adult Sunday school class, and it had been a few weeks without a whole lot of growth (it is still a very small class, but we expected that and keep working on getting people there) and a woman from our church approached me and asked how the class was doing. I shared with her that we weren't seeing much growth, but we'd keep at it, and she told me that she was praying for us and how thrilled she was that we were burdened for this age group as she was, too. She didn't say a lot, but she did express my heart in the matter, shockingly almost word for word the silent prayers I'd prayed to God about our class, and I knew that God had sent her to talk to me, and there is nothing more amazing than that feeling - knowing that God takes that kind of personal interest, that He cared so much that He'd send someone to me and let me know in that sort of way that He was listening, that He was there. It meant the world to me. She still prayers for our class and asks about it, too. I am glad to have her (and so many others) praying for us and our class. It means so much!

  10. I am not giving a reply for the giveaway but as a word of encouragement. You have been an encouragement to me Patty. Not only with the blog but also as a friend. It is nice to find someone on the same page. Anyways thanks!

    1. Since you didn't leave a name, I'll just say thank you for sharing! Isn't it a blessing to find kindred spirits!?! And you are welcome to enter ~ anybody is!

    2. It was me Patty, the last reply. I don't know why it didn't leave my name. Well anywho.

    3. Jackie, that is so funny! I guess blogger didn't like you yesterday :)
      You are welcome to enter ~ then I wouldn't have to spend too much on postage.
      Have a great week!

  11. Hi, I am a missionary mom who recently found your blog. We are in Costa Rica, but I can still relate to much of what you have written about, and I really appreciated this series about raising our kids with a heart for missions. Thank you for sharing it for us! And, thanks for this post to encourage us lurkers to post a comment. =)

    It's hard to choose one unexpected way someone has encouraged me in the past... The first one that popped to my mind was when an old high school friend surprised me with a giant care package filled with craft materials. She knew I had recently joined pinterest and looked at my boards and sent me all the materials I would need to do the projects I had pinned! It was such a thoughtful gift and greatly encouraged me.