Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Though we live in Sub-Saharan Africa, we also live in the middle of a big city.
A very big city.....like 2 million people big.
Where we live can definitely be classified as more concrete jungle than green jungle.
And some days it is nice just to get away.

There really aren't many places we can go to breath a little here.
No parks.
No playgrounds.
No "green spaces".
So we've learned to make the best of what we've got.

We don't live far from the University.
On their property they have a Botanical Garden......
which is really just a big bit of grass and trees that people can't build on.
We often forget it's there, but when we need to breathe a bit, we pack up and go to the Garden.

We packed the wagon with our picnic basket and toys.
We strapped Lili into the stroller she rarely uses.
We walked to the Garden to enjoy the green, and the quiet, and the space.

We ate, and then we wondered a bit.
We collected plenty of pictures and bits of nature to bring home and study.
We watched for birds to identify from our bird book ~ today we saw an African Pied Hornbill!

We played a bit of football (soccer) and a then some keep-away.
By that time the mosquitoes were enjoying the feast so we headed home.
What a lovely way to spend a Tuesday evening.


  1. Looks like you all had a lot of fun! :) Miss you and love you all lots!

  2. all of you look hot. lol looks like a wonderful day. so glad for family time and evenings together. I think I'll plan a picnic here soon too...for some time to breathe. :) -Lynette miss you guys!

  3. looks like an enjoyable day :) so glad you have a little place to go and "breathe"!!