Tuesday, April 2, 2013


It seems like one of those things I never have enough of...
something I have too much of.
There aren't many days when I think that I have exactly the amount of time I need.
I'm always worrying I won't get everything done...
{on those days I have an extremely long to-do list}
or on a few rare days, it seems the day is stretching before me endlessly
{usually the days I refuse to make a to-do list}!

Sadly on many days
I have plenty to do,
but I waste my time away.
At the end of the day,
my heart sinks as I look back at all the ways I could have used my time...
but did not.
I sit in sadness and try to remember what I used my day for....
was it helpful?
was it necessary?
was it encouraging?
was it wise?
was it important?

Or was my day frittered away by doing things that...
were unhelpful?
were unnecessary?
were discouraging?
were foolish?
were empty and vain?

I'm not talking about filling my days up with unending busyness....
that is just as poor a use of my time as sitting and staring at the wall.

But did I use today in the best way it could be used?

Was my day life-giving or life-wasting?

Just a few thoughts from a young wife and mama who doesn't want to waste this precious gift called life!


  1. I know what you mean, Patty! I reflect like that, too. It is my goal to have more "life-giving" days than "life-wasting" days.

  2. Thanks Mrs Sommer.
    it is good to have a schedule, but we should remember to leave some elbow room to share, and show love to some poor fellows