Monday, April 15, 2013

Raising My Girls to Have a Heart for Missions ~ Missions as a Fact of Life

In Ghana, mothers carry their babies on their backs.
As I had never seen such a thing before coming here, I thought it a bit strange, but I quickly realized that it was a brilliant way to care for your little one.
I was eager to learn, and after a bit of practice {including almost dropping my little one head first on the ground!}, I was able to start carrying my baby the same way.
I didn't go to any formal classes.
I didn't have any ladies sit down with me and walk me through it step by step.
I just watched and learned.

The longer I've been a mother, the more I've come to realize something about my kiddos....
much more is caught than taught.
When I was younger I heard that statement many times.
Now I'm finally starting to see it in action.

The other day my littlest brought me her baby and her cloth.
She wanted baby on her back.
Because she wants to be just like mama.
Have I ever sat her down and explained all this to her?
Day in and day out she's ridden on my back.
To her, it is a fact.
A part of life.

And that is how missions needs to be for our children.
Missions needs to be a fact of life.

Missions should not just be relegated to one time of year.
Missions should not just be a check written weekly to keep a faith promise committment.
Missions should not just be a monthly check written to a sponsored child.
Missions should not just be pictures on the hallway walls at church.
Missions should not just be a project for school or Awana.
Missions should not just be a video and a display board at church once a month.

If our children don't see us "living" missions, then they won't "live" missions either.

Next week I'll be talking all practicals ~ every day ways to "live" missions.

I'll be writing about this topic for the next 40 days.
I'd love to have you join, and I'd love to hear what you do practically to "live" missions!

Would you like to read the entire series?
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  1. So true...and so easy to forget! Thank you for the reminders. It is the same way with anything - your children and others under you will not hear what you say as much as they hear what you do. They know when something is your purpose, your life, your goal and where things rank just by watching you. The more we keep that in the forefront of our minds, the more it will influence how we live...for the better. :) Love you guys and miss you much!

  2. Excellent post! Looking forward to this series. I loved to read growing up and my parents always kept me well stocked with missionary biographies. I know that made a huge impact on my life. They also kept me involved in the ministry (my dad was a church-planting Pastor). I fully believe that if you are not a missionary where God has you now, He won't ever call you into missions.

  3. Have you seen this...might be something we do for our Bible time:).