Monday, April 1, 2013

Celebrating Life

It has been a quiet week here.
 Quiet in the good way.
The schoolroom has been silent, but we've been learning through the rhythm of our days.
Celebrating life in both little and big ways.

Enjoying working in the dirt and cleaning around the house.
Preparing the ground for seeds of the oldest's choosing.

The week planned out perfectly on paper.
The most important things included.

Pulling out toys that have been quietly waiting on a shelf for less busy days.
Sending them sailing in teacups upon stormy seas.

Reading the best books.

Marveling at the beauty found in the smallest things.

 Enjoying the yearly traditions as a family and as a church family.

Thinking upon and waiting for Sunday, and then all the wonderful celebration that comes with the remembrance of our Savior's resurrection.
Celebrating life in the big and the small.

1 comment:

  1. Love the pictures, Patty! Sounds like a wonderful week! :) Love and miss you all!