Monday, March 18, 2013

Thankful for today...

Some days it is just good to count your blessings.
And on some days, it is an absolute must!
Today I'm thankful...

that I live in a place where there is always something new to try! {they call these blackberries here....does anybody know a scientific name for these little fruits?}

for a beautiful oldest daughter who is growing up so fast!

that some days her growing up is more obvious than others!

Littlest who wants to help....with everything!

everybody smiling at the camera at the same time!

my girls' wonderful daddy!

Baby who is {finally} walking!

a dessert that my Ghanaian friends loved ~ macaroons! {first.time.ever.}

dried, ground shrimp! {you wouldn't believe what flavor this adds to fish stews!}

a beautiful night sky!

that my grown up girl still loves to have fun!

our nightly migration of.....bats! {it is amazing to watch!}

water play all year round!


  1. it is amazing how "grown-up" our oldest girls are....and I love how they still love to play and be silly too :).... and I am {in love} with the face in that last photo :) she's a doll!

  2. I have been wondering the same thing about those "blackberries " Naomi loves them. Your girls are growing fast! It seems one day they are just little girls, the next day, you ask yourself where did they go? She is walking YEAH!

  3. Love the pictures, Patty! :) I have found that when we share our thankful spirit, it multiplies and manifests in others...and your post certainly had that effect on me! :) Thank you for making my morning!!! Love you and miss you all!