Tuesday, March 5, 2013


If you would have asked me nine years ago if we had spring in Ghana, I would've definitely said no.
If you would have asked me the same question just two years ago, I still would have answered in the negative.
But when you really start looking...
when you open your eyes to the world around you....
it is amazing what you find.
Though we don't have winter, we do have a dry season, and in the end they work sort of the same.
Everything in nature goes to sleep just a little bit....okay, maybe all the green things just doze.
But when the rains start?
Everything bursts to life again!
Pretty soon we'll probably be a bit overwhelmed by the growing-ness of it all {and yes, I'm certain I made that word up}, because vegetation in the tropics can definitely be overwhelming.
But for right now,
I'm enjoying the new leaves unfurling,
and the night rains pattering,
and the flowers blooming,
and the cool, wet mornings,
and the fruits and vegetables growing.
I'm enjoying my version of spring!

1 comment:

  1. Simply beautiful! I'm looking forward to our Spring...whenever it arrives! :) Love and miss you guys!