Thursday, March 7, 2013


Grace is something I've been studying a bit in the last year...
a thing I thought I understood, but am realizing more and more that I didn't...
something that just about the time I think I've got it all figured out, I learn something more.
Today was one of those days...
a day when I learned just a little bit more.
I certainly don't have it all figured out,
and I definitely don't have all the answers,
but hopefully a step forward in truth.

As I've mentioned before, and here, too, things haven't been the easiest of late.
It has been easy to fall into a rut, a funk, the doldrums, you get the idea.
It has been almost all I could do to haul myself out of bed, read a few verses in my Bible, and pray that God would just help me make it through the day.
I'm pretty sure my prayers have sounded something like this:

"Yes, God, I need some grace today, actually, I need lots. I'm tired, and I don't feel like doing anything I'm supposed to do. Help me not get too angry with my kids. Help us all to just make it through homeschool and lunch and then I can hopefully take a nap. Help my husband to know I love him, though I've done a crummy job lately showing him. Amen"

Maybe those aren't exact words, but you get the basic idea.
Certainly not a life overflowing with God's grace.

This morning I was reading a fairly familiar passage in II Corinthians {that I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get anything from!}, and the word grace grabbed me. In fact, it kept hold of me. It was everywhere! Soon it fell into a pattern, and I began to see something that I hadn't seen before...

There should be a natural outflow of grace in my life. It should trickle {in some places} and rush {in other places} out of me. I  should be living out His grace: to minister, to surrender, to give. As that grace flows through me and out of me, He just continues to be the source of it all. Grace isn't for dabbling my feet in at the end of a long, hot day. It is a river that should be gushing out of me to those around me. As I am soaked with it, others should be getting wet, too.

It's not all about me.
Yes, God saved me by His wonderful grace.
By His grace, He works in me and does what I can never do.
But it shouldn't stop there.
That grace must flow out of my life to those around me.
No more stagnant grace...
Grace that overflows on everyone around me.

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  1. I love it when God allows us to see His thoughts, don't you? Though it is not always easy to be what we know we should be, God will show us - if we let Him. :) May you have a day full over, not only overflowing grace, but blessing, too! Love you all!