Monday, February 25, 2013


We've felt nothing but hot and dry for months now.
Everything is tinged a bit brown and red....
brown from lack of water and red from the layer of dust covering it.

But this week....
we've had rain!
The winds begin to whip everything into a frenzy,
the electricity comes crashing down,
the palm trees bend nearly double,

the curtains dance {as do my girls},
there is howling,
and crashing,
and swirling,
and then the rains start.
 It is loud and heavy,
and smells divine.
The dust and smoke vanish,
and all you can smell is the world washed clean.

The girls beg to run in it,
and after the wind dies down a bit,
we let them.
Some days mama runs, too.

Welcome back, rain!
We hope you stay for a long time!


  1. We are in our dry season here in Kenya too. The dust is so heavy that the moon is hazy at night, and I sweep up piles of dust inside. Dry season is when the ants invade my house too. Ugh! Please send some of that rain our way!

  2. You know, in the States, we tend to get upset when it rains unless you're a farmer or something. It is nice to read about the bright side of it. It's a great, positive angle, and now - when I see the rain and tempted to complain - I will think of this post and smile instead. :) Thank you for the change in perspective! Love you guys! Miss you!

  3. So neat...I just felt it wash over my soul as I read your post:) We are looking forward to WARMTH:)