Tuesday, January 8, 2013


That's a bit how life has felt lately.
We are smack in the middle of our Harmattan, and while the cooler temps and lower humidity are much appreciated, I feel like everything has been wrung out of me.

Christmas and the planning, and creating, and holiday-ing are over....
And I'm left with a messy, dirty house.
Vacation time from school is passed, and I'm struggling to get lesson plans written so we can get back at it.
I'm craving routine, but right now, I've got nothing but chaos.

Isn't the new year supposed to feel exciting, like embarking on a new adventure?
Yeah, well, my biggest adventure right now would include actually taking down my Christmas tree!

We got the opportunity to travel to the coast for a few days last week.
I was sure that a change of scenery {especially the beach!} would make everything all right!
Nothing like miles and miles of ocean to make you feel full and overflowing again!

And really, it was beautiful...
And fun...
But it didn't fix my problem....

Because my problem wasn't the winds,
or the dust,
or the end of the holidays,
or the beginning of a new year,
or the lack of a schedule,
or my messy house.....
it was me.

In my time of abundance, 
I forgot to thank,
And so in my time of leanness,
I was already empty.
Instead of being filled to overflowing with all my blessings,
I'd allowed them to dribble away,
Until my reserve was completely gone.

Of my own choosing.

So I start again...
thinking and thanking,
and slowly filling up on the goodness that is God in my life...
I number the blessings,
and I mark the days with praise.

and surely,
I'm filled.

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  1. Amazing how that works! Thankfulness fixes so much! :) I'm so glad God gave us instructions on how to go about it when we forget. I know I am learning, too. Simple, yet hard.

    Love you guys!