Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our Travel Tree: An Idea for Missionary Gals

Being a missionary, travel is a part of my life....a BIG part of my life.
Traveling can be fun....and it can be not so fun.
Traveling can be exciting...and it can be boring.
Traveling can be a blessing...and it can be a curse.

Some years ago, a dear friend of mine mentioned that before they left for their field {following deputation}, they bought a Cracker Barrel ornament to commemorate all the meals they'd eaten and memories they'd made at that particular place.
This was the seed that sprouted into our Travel Tree.

Before we headed to America for our last furlough, we decided that the only souvenirs we would buy would be ornaments.
Not only did that cut way down on expenses and complaints {even if it is an expensive ornament it can't cost as much as t-shirts for the fam and there is only one decision to make!},
but now we have a wonderful way to remember all the fun things the Lord allowed us to do in America!
We bought some kitschy...

Some funny...
Some handmade...
Some places we visited...

Some events we attended...
Some places we frequented...

Some from the vacation God gave us...

Some we made from stickers...

Some we made from patches...

Some from trips daddy had to take by himself...

And one extra-special ornament that reminded us of our whole year {bought from the most amazing Christmas place on earth!}!

All in all, we are so very glad we chose to do this!
Not only did it give us something to look forward to on the road,
but also lots of fun memories when back home on the field.


  1. How very special!!! We also have ornaments from 'some' of the places we visited. It is neat to hang them and remember!

  2. Fantastic idea! I was wondering if you'd come share this at our 12 Days of Christmas {Goodies} link-up on my Natural and Free blog? It's perfect for it!

    Love you guys and miss you tons! Hope to talk with you soon!

  3. Thanks for sharing this to our 12 Days of Christmas {Goodies}, Patty! :)

  4. Love your travel tree:) We continue to do this, and the children love to pull out all the ornaments and talk about happy memories we made.