Friday, December 14, 2012

Choosing to Trust the Prince of Peace

This blog has been quite quiet since last week, but that is not because life has been quiet.
In fact, the noise, and worry, and talking, and thinking, and debating has been swirling 'round us all here in Ghana.
If it was only those things on the outside, it would be one thing, but sadly all the chaos has been swirling 'round inside of ME, too.

I'll not go into details, because really, the details don't matter.
Some would be truth, some would be error, some would be glorifying to God, and some would not.
To state things simply, we've had our elections and a winner has been declared, but some have not accepted the verdict.
A court case is ensuing.
The country is at peace physically, but no one is at peace mentally.

To add to that, some dear friends are going through some very difficult and trying things right now.
We too feel the pressure.

In my backwards way of thinking, I was sure that once the elections were over, the tension would dissipate and we could feel like it was Christmas time again.
I thought that if a few details would just fall into place, my friends' troubles would be over and the pressure would be realeased.

Often, that is not how God works -- He wants the opposite.
He wants me to let go of what I'm holding on to and trust Him to make all things peaceful in my heart first.
He wants me to stop feeling the pressure by resting in His ways and His timing, and then He may put those details in place.
In short, He wants me to choose to trust Him, the Prince of Peace, not the peace in the circumstances I find myself in.
He wants to rule in peace in my heart first and foremost.

So if peace comes, I will be grateful.
And if peace doesn't come?
Then I'll rest in the peace only He can give.

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  1. Mrs. John, We are seeking peace always, but you are right, we need to have God's peace first and foremost. Praying for you all during this time of turmoil. In Christ's peace, Linda.