Friday, November 9, 2012

Teaching My Girls To Control Their Feelings

I have lots of job descriptions, but one of my most demanding is definitely the job of mom.
If it were simply the cooking,
 and cleaning,
 and washing,
 and straightening,
 and so on,
 and so forth,
 that would be one thing.
But it is not.
If it were only making sure they were clothed,
 and fed,
 and clean,
 and presentable,
 that would be one thing,
But it is not.

Not only am I a mom, I am also a mom of girls.....three of them.
Now I've heard lots of moms talk about how much work it is to be a mom to boys.
I'm not disagreeing with them at all.
Boys have lots of energy.
Boys think up crazy stunts to pull.
Boys are dirty.
{Or so I've heard.}
But I'm not a mom to boys, I'm a mom to girls.
And one thing girls have got in OVERabundance is emotions.
Lots and lots and lots of FEELINGS.
Some days we are literally drowning in them.

As my girls are growing older, I'm seeing the necessity of teaching them to control those feelings instead of letting those feelings control them.
But that puts me in a tough spot, because, in all honesty, this is an area I struggle in, too.
Yes, there are days that my emotions drive me just as much as they drive my girls.
And that is a problem.
Feelings are simply that.
They may or may not have any bearing on reality;
they come and they go;
they are as stable as water;
they are not to be trusted;
they are from my desperate and wicked heart.

So how are {all!} the girls in this house learning to control our emotions?

1. We identify the fact that the emotions {instead of the will} are in charge.
~ At this point for the girls, this is MY job.
2.We begin to speak Truth {God's Word}.
~With my girls, I have them start telling me any truth they can think of from the Bible.
~With my self, I either begin quoting Scripture, or I pull out my Bible.
3. We find a truth that fits the situation.
~Again, I help the girls a bit by asking questions, encouraging them to think how it fits. I don't just
lecture. God promises that His Word does not return void {not mine!}
4. We pray together about applying the Scripture to the situation.
5. If necessary, we practice applying that Scripture.
~This usually brings about a fit of giggles......

Do I have all the answers when it comes to this?
No way!
We are all a work in progress.
But little by little, I'm seeing more emotional control in my girls, and hopefully, in my self.
And the more control there is in this nutty, girly house of ours, the better!

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  1. AMEN! :) We're going through similar here, Patty. Boys have emotional ups and downs, too, but not like girls. It has been a totally new experience for me as a mom going from boys to girl...When you're not the only female in the house, you are suddenly aware of just how much emotion can direct if you're not careful. Thanks for posting this!