Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Starting our DIY Christmas Gifts: Chalkboard Notebooks

Today has been a day full of “just living.”
We never have a shortage of things to do here – never time to get bored!
John had some errands to run, including getting milk from the market, and I had school to teach this morning.
This afternoon was full of the many necessities of life here….
picking weeds on the compound (they spring up overnight when it rains!),
boiling chilcken for meat and broth later in the week,
pasteurizing the milk,
simmering cow bones (the knees, in fact!) to make beef stock,
making yogurt,
grinding wheat (my dear hubby did this!) for bread,
and all the general cooking and cleaning, too.

The girls and I started on Christmas gifts for the cousins today.
Our first project was rather simple, but I think it will turn out quite nicely.
We are making chalkboard notebooks for the older boy cousins (don’t tell ‘em, Julie!)
Whether for school or church or just plain doodling, I think it will be a fun gift for them!

All you need is a hardback notebook (foolscap are what we have here!) and some chalkboard paint.
Tape off the spine and make sure to use some scrap paper to catch the drips!

Paint a few light coats until it is completely opaque, and don’t forget the edges. We ended up painting on four coats, but I’ll check them in the morning (after they dry a bit) to see if they might need one more.

We are quite excited to see how well they turn out!

If they look really good, a few might end up in Christmas stockings at our house, I'm thinking!

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  1. Great idea, Patty! :) I promise I won't tell the boys, and I appreciate not seeing the finished product. :) I like that that part will be a surprise for me, too. I think they'll love them! Got lots of chalk they can use that we never get to use, too. :)