Monday, October 29, 2012

For The Times When the Days (or Nights) Are Long...

We've had quite a few long days and longs nights around here lately.
Maybe a long month, too.
Days, nights, weeks, a month that seem to drag on,
and never really get to where you want them to go fast enough.
Days with lists long and tempers short;
nights with no light and no fan and no way to change it;
weeks with no time to catch a breath, yet somehow still feeling like they are creeping by;
months with pennies squeezed tight, yet always a need to open the purse again.

These are the days I want to get out....
not from following Christ,
not from the work He's called me to,
not even from the dailies of home and family,
but from under.

I don't want to cheerfully endure these things.
I don't really want my faith to be tried.
These things are wearing and straining and tiring and heavy.
And sometimes I feel crushed by the weight to the bottom of a dark hole.

I try to look to the right or the left, but in His goodness, He shuts every door and every window.
He turns off the computer, and He turns off the lights, and He turns off the cash supply,
and He closes off every source of distraction and escape and seeming rescue.

But when I'm at the bottom of the hole, there is no place to look but up.
No place to go, but towards Him.
No light to see, but His own.
And isn't that really the only light I need?

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  1. Always a blessing and encouragement to read your blog. Thank you. :)