Monday, October 15, 2012

For the Days When You Don't Feel Able...

Yesterday was one of *those* days.
All night party next door on Friday {and when I say all night, I mean the music didn't stop pounding till five a.m.};
really long {but good} day of visitation on Saturday;
not feeling quite prepared for children's church on Sunday morning.
And then, my hubby pulled a fast one....
"Today," he said, "we are going to split into groups and talk over Hannah's prayer in I Samuel 2."
I looked around, and quickly realized that not a lot of ladies were at church yet, and NONE of those that speak both English and Twi had arrived.

Did my hubby not realize how tired I was?
Did he not realize that my language skills are still woefully buried somewhere deep in the recesses of my brain and have been struggling to find their way to the surface since we've come back from furlough?
Did he not realize that these ladies would surely look to me to do all the talking in this small group since I happen to be the pastor's wife?
Did he not realize that I COULDN'T do this?

We quickly shifted chairs.
I desperately prayed for help.
And before I could speak....
one of our dear ladies looked at me and asked if I could simply reread the passage in Twi.
Yes, I could do that.
I reread the passage in Twi {and it actually sounded correct, although there were quite a few words I'm pretty sure I'd never heard before!}.
And....the ladies took it from there.
I watched in amazement as those ladies began discussing God's Word and what it meant for them,
a beautiful blending of voices and languages enjoying Hannah's praises to God.

I felt completely humbled
and ever so grateful.
It didn't matter if I COULD or if I COULDN'T, because I'm not the one who does the work here.
He is.

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  1. I've been exactly there, Patty! I'm so glad He can. :)