Monday, October 22, 2012

For the Days When Ministry is Messy...

There are days when "ministry" comes wrapped up in a beautiful little package.
And then there are other days......
There are days when ministry is messy,
downright confusing.
Days when you aren't sure not only how to minister, but if you should.
It seems easy to minister to a lost and dying world on my own terms,
at the times I have "set" to minister,
with people that are easy to reach out to.
But what about ministering when it's not on my terms,
not at my set times,
with people that are not easy to reach out to?
When it is not about donating old clothes,
or giving some money,
or sharing food,
or counseling during an appointment time,
or praying for them on a prayer list,
but actually stopping my life to reach out to the unlovely.....
those are the ministry days that aren't so easy.

Today was such a day......
a little girl I've known for a long time....
unloved, untrained, seeming more animal than human at times.
Our hands are figuratively tied when it comes to helping her, and yet, on days like today,
I know God keeps bringing her across my path for a reason.
But what is the reason?
What can I do?
We've tried in so many ways to help her, and at moments like these, it seems easier to run her off, than to try to deal with her again.
My children run from her in fear;
I've had the same desire myself.
At times she doesn't even seem to be in her right mind;
she's dirty;
she's loud;
she's unlovely.
And yet...
she is a person, created by God....
a soul, that will live somewhere eternally....
a child, who desperately craves love and attention.

Maybe this child is a gift....a poorly, wrapped, rather messy one, but still a gift.
A reminder to me that even if I "bestow all my goods to feed the poor...and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing."

Maybe her mind can be renewed through His Word;
maybe she can be cleansed through the washing of the water by the Word;
maybe she can learn a meek and quiet spirit through His Spirit;
maybe she can learn to be altogether lovely in Him.

Maybe her life will be totally changed by Christ,
and maybe it won't,
but it can never truly be changed unless someone shares the gospel with her...
and maybe that someone needs to be me.


  1. Bless you, Patty! You all are in our prayers! Loving the unlovely sure can be tough! I'll be praying for courage, for strength, for the right words...for love. Love you!

  2. Love it. So very true. Life seems a little messy these days for me as well - but my life is no longer mine, but His. So I can be content that the mess is His perfect will, and through it I can learn to more clearly see His beauty. Sorry for rambling - just want to let you know you are a blessing!