Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rainy Sunday Morning

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain.
Welcome relief!
Every growing thing has been in desperate need of a drink.
Of course, I left my clothes on the line over night.
I guess my clothes were in need of a second rinse!

Should I leave them there, or pull them off before they all ended up in a muddy, messy heap on the ground?
As it was still quite early, I was in my pajamas and robe. I certainly didn't want to get those wet!
I know! I'll just throw on my swimsuit!
We live in a walled compound, and I hadn't heard any neighbors about, so I figured I was safe.
I pulled down, piled up, and carried in as quickly as I could.
No need for any surprises or stuttering explanations to said neighbors should they happen to come out the door for an early church service!
My girls gave me some rather strange looks, but they didn't ask any questions about why mama was running around in the rain in her swimsuit on Sunday morning.
I'm sure they were wishing they could do the same!

We snapped a few pictures right before service.
We've just finished reading Charlotte's Web, so when they saw this beautiful web covered in raindrops, they were quite convinced it was Charlotte's!

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