Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Feeling a bit like a Pioneer

I think Tuesday may be my favorite day of the week...
a little quieter...a little calmer...a little less rushed, maybe, than other days.
Okay, maybe not quieter, because with a house full of girls I don't really ever have a quiet day.
But it IS calmer.
Tuesdays are my chance to breathe after the whirlwind weekend.
Saturday, Sunday, and Monday just swirl one into the next, but on Tuesday.... a nice sigh of rest.
We started off with chores this morning, but were slowed down a bit by the fact that my two older girls could no longer stuff one more thing in their closet and therefore could not clean their room {ahem!}
From there we moved to school and then on with the rhythm of our day.
But today, we had two extra blessings to make this Tuesday even better.
The first was a box waiting at customs for us.
Joy all sealed in a cardboard box!
And the second has been long in coming....as in nine years long.
For the first time ever since coming to Ghana {drum roll, please}....
we had fresh milk!
After many dead-ends and wild-goose-chases, we finally found a place to get real milk.
Maybe not a big deal to you, but to a missionary mama and littles who've had nothing but powdered or boxed milk since coming here....THAT IS A BIG DEAL!
And so now, I add an extra, but much anticipated job to my Tuesday routine...
pasteurizing our milk.
It's not too hard, really!

What a tasty job for a Tuesday!

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