Monday, June 11, 2012

The Long Story.....Long

First, I must say thank you for the many prayers that have been offered up on our behalf. It has been quite a week! We have been stretched and grown in so many ways these last few days, and God has continually shown Himself strong.
For those who want to know the details....
Our first seven years on the field, we did our government paperwork the same way. But the year before our furlough (last year), the government informed us that the procedure had been changed. We completed all that we could before we left, and then left it in the Lord's hands. When we returned in May, we were told that the long part of it had been finished, but there was a small part still remaining for us to receive our quota status. Since we've been back, John has been trying to get it finished, but every time it was taken to the office, we were told it was not correct. Last Tuesday, the 5th, John took it to the office again. He was told that *IF* we wanted to obey the law, then we had to leave the country until it was finished. Certainly not the news we wanted to hear! John spent the rest of Tuesday and part of Wednesday making phone calls and talking to a number of different people. The verdict was still the same.....*IF* we were going to obey the law, we had to leave Ghana.
Since obeying the law is not an *IF*, we knew we had to go.
It has been amazing to see God answer prayer after prayer and show us the next step (Psalm 119:105). And really, that is all it has been....enough light for the very next step. But that is all I really need, isn't it?
God has provided a missionary/pastor here in Ghana to take care of the preaching, and our people are gladly taking care of the works of the church.
After much prayer and waiting, he has even shown us our place of work for the summer.
We will be helping a small church in Michigan with soulwinning, children's church, VBS, and whatever else they need us to do!
There is much still that needs prayer.....
John will turn in our last form on Friday morning.
We will leave Ghana on Friday, the 15th, and arrive stateside on Saturday.
Our hope is to only be gone 7 weeks, but that depends on when the committee schedules their next meeting.
We also hope to schedule on appointment with Lili's cardiologist while we are back. If her heart is not healed, we are praying that the doctor will be willing to do her surgery early.
There are many details yet to be worked out, but God has "opened the way through the Red Sea," and we are confident that He is working all of this together for good!
We appreciate your continued prayers for our family and God's work here in Ghana.
I will update on both this blog and on facebook as I am able.


  1. I know this seems discouraging. So sorry to hear you have to leave your home. But God is in control! Praying for you!

  2. Praying for you! Even though we have never met. I enjoy your posts! We once had to leave Russia in a very short notice due to document law changes. It is a hindrance to "our" plans but God is faithful to take care of it all! God bless you! Will also pray for your daughter's cardiologist appointment and surgery!

  3. Patty, I have been praying for you and know that, in time, you will see the exact purpose God had in all of this. Looking forward to hearing about your summer!

  4. Wow! Praying for you! Sorry to hear that you have to leave for a while, but know the Lord is in control.