Thursday, May 10, 2012

Seeing the World Through Tropical-Colored Palm Tree-Shaped Glasses

 My, my, but it's been a long time!
Writing as a missionary mama is one thing, but writing as a missionary-mama-on-furlough is quite another!
The last six months have been a whirlwind, and that wind has finally blown us home! {Ruby-red slippers and all!}
As I've thought, dreamed, and planned for this return, it was easy to start seeing things through rose-colored glasses. Better yet, tropical-colored glasses, maybe even shaped like palm trees! {My, what a fashion statement those would be!}
I began to think, "Oh, in Ghana _____ will be better," or "______ will be easier when we get back to Ghana." "In Ghana, _____ is not an issue," and "I'm so glad that soon I'll be in Ghana and not have to deal with ______!"
Guess what!?! I'm back in Ghana........and everything is not perfect here either!
So what to do?
Time to take off the glasses, whatever color they are, and look to the One who brought me here.
Remember why He brought me here.
And lean on Him for the strength I need to bloom where He's planted me.....right here in the African soil!


  1. so happy that you're back home. You'll love getting back in a good routine and schedule. I wish IEm and Drew could stop off in Jamaica on their way back home....I sure miss them! Maria

  2. Such a true statement! It is easier to think things are better/easier in America - when we're in Africa. Or better in Africa - when we're in America. Do I hear "learn to be content" anyone?! I totally agree with Paul that it is something we must LEARN. It doesn't come natural at all to this sinful woman. But I am so thankful that God meets me where I'm at, loves me, teaches me, guides me, and empowers me through His Holy Spirit!