Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Today was less than stellar...
 Let me elaborate:
 Kids up early. Mom up late.
 Still trying to get the house in complete order. Not there yet.
 Lots of laundry. Not lots of water.
Look at the clock - it's 10. Look at the clock again - it's past lunch time - Yikes!
 Got to find something for everybody to eat.
 Haven't been to the store or market this week. Not a lot of options.
Leftovers it is!
My needs-to-be-wrapped-in-bubble-wrap girl falls out of closet.
Kids want to swim in the kiddie pool.
Have to blow up the              
Remember that tonight is church. Start to iron clothes.
Power off. Power on.
Start to iron clothes again and heat water for baths for everybody.
 Power off. Power on.
Get kids bathed. Should have started supper thirty minutes ago.
 Tonight will be a quicky...hamburgers. Pull buns out of freezer...and they are moldy???
 Change plans. Start supper: a little of this and a little of that.
 Run iron clothes while power is on.
 Daddy home.
 Do I know what time it is? Of course...not.
Get supper on the table. It's 6:15 pm. What time do we leave for church?
 6:45 pm???
 Have I taken my bath yet? Ummmm, I'd rather not answer that one!
 Make it to the car on time.
 Baby's hungry. Where's the baby's bag? Can't see it in the trunk....hoping...
Get to church and it is...there! Food - yes! Pacifier - no.
 Make it through the church service without too much fussing. Middlest falls asleep.
 Language skills are atrocious this evening. Not getting much of anything being said.
 Time to head home. Take a deep breath.
Hear my new favorite song playing.
So very thankful....for grace.


  1. Great article from your heart. Been there done that -- but on the mission field, I can empathize completely.
    Keep writing... keep serving... just keep on, keeping on as one great preacher said.
    Judy (in Ukraine)

  2. So "ME", soooo many times...I totally could have written that. Thanks for being real and sharing. It's always encouraging to know that you aren't the only one.
    Love your blog--you have a gift with words.
    Tomorrow will be better, but if it's not...God and His grace will be there to see you through it, too.

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