Tuesday, May 29, 2012

At This Moment

We've been back to the field almost a month now.
At first it was easy to be excited, focused, thankful, content. But as life is slowly getting to a new "normal", I see those good things quickly slipping away.
It's not exciting to wake up to a house that still needs cleaning, and repairing, and putting back together.
It's not quite as easy to stay focused on truth, kind words, and patience...especially with my kiddos.
I'm thankful for what we have, but then I think of a project I'd like to do, or something fun to make, or I see an idea online, and suddenly my thankfulness is gone.
I was content to return to our home here, but now I'm seeing items needing fixing, mountains of laundry, and floors that desperately need sweeping.
Isn't that the way of life, though? Most things are exciting when they are first started. The thrill of something new, something different!
The new dress! The new craft! The new homeschool idea! The new blog or book to read! The new show to watch!
As I've been cleaning and purging since getting back, I've noticed a bit of a trend.
Phases of clothing I've gone through.......lots of different styles that I don't wear any more.
Phases of homeschool ideas that never really worked.....file folder games, lapbooks, flashcard games.
Phases of decorating.....not quite finding the one that fits our family.
Phases of crafting....ideas saved and made and now I wonder why on earth?!?
I admit it. It is easier to jump from thing to thing {and rarely are they bad things!} than to find what is best for me.
What is it that I am supposed to be doing? making? cleaning? eating? buying? crafting? at this very moment?
What is the one thing I am to be doing "with all my might?"
Because the funny thing is, when I find my one thing, the contentment comes.
And when the contentment comes....the thankfulness comes.
And when the thankfulness comes....the focus is there.
And when the focus is in place...it's exciting.
Because I'm doing what I was made to do at this moment.
What a freeing thought.

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  1. Thanks for this post. I read it, and felt like I could have written the exact same things. Thanks for being real!