Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where in the World Is Patty San Diego?

Hello, Friends!
Where have I been? you may ask.
Well...we've been to the hospital - and stayed a while.
We've been to the cardiologist - and had a great report!
We've been learning how to do things with three little ones - instead of two.
We've been learning that sleep is highly overrated - ummmm, not really!
We've been learning what it's like to go to school outside the home - what an adventure!
And we've been learning how to plan, and pack, and travel - again.
Thanks for all your thoughtful notes and kind words.
I hope to be back to posting regularly in a few weeks....right after we head down to Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, and West Virginia, and then over to New Hampshire, and Maine, and Massachusettes, and New York!
Your prayers would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Are you guys coming to Knoxville?

    The Martins

  2. Praying for safe travels and good meetings! Those busy trips are exciting and so exhausting. Hope everyone does well especially Lili.

  3. I pray you guys have safe travels! :)

  4. Hi John and Patty! We got to see you and your presentation viainternet tonight.it was so great to see you guys even if it was just on the internet. We love you both so much and pray for you often. Your presentation was outstanding. It stirred our hearts and we know God will continue to use it in a great way.
    Love, the Hilliards

  5. Greeting from NH!

    We had a great time visiting with your husband and hearing an excellent sermon Wednesday night at Faith Baptist Church- Nashua, NH. We missed you. We were blessed. Your husband really encouraged us and he was definitely very ready to get home and see you all!

    With much love and appreciation,
    Hilary Tamulonis