Friday, July 8, 2011

The Third Blessing of Furlough

Can you guess what the third blessing of furlough might be?

As a missionary, I've learned to love two countries, but there is just something special about celebrating America's birthday in America!
When we are in Ghana we always take time to celebrate Independence Day, but it's extra special to get to party with friends and family and flags and fireworks and food. (Really wierd that all those start with "F"....maybe because it's the Fourth of July....hahahahaha, okay, enough corny jokes!)

We enjoyed an amazing Fourth of July weekend. My three best friends and their kiddos all came to Michigan. We've been best friends forever, really, over 20 years!

We also got to spend time with my family, including my little brother and his wife!

We also got to make lots of wonderful memories!

Happy Birthday, America!

So what did you do to celebrate?


  1. I cried through the patriotic hymns on Sunday morning, the day before the 4th. But, thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks!

  2. Loved seeing you girls together... made me smile:)
    Great pictures and great times!
    Here in Canada, we celebrate Canada Day on July 1st. It has kind of become our day of celebration and festivities.