Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby Brain

Oh, goodness. Where to start....
I've been feeling this coming for days, if not weeks. Baby Brain. The need to write. To put it all on paper (figuratively speaking!). To unload, sort, work through everything in my head. And this is the place I feel like I can do that. Does that make me a writer? Hmmmmm. Not sure about that.
Anyways, here I sit in the early morning quiet. That's nice, isn't it? Quiet.
Things are about to get very UNquiet around here. I've got about a month left before we meet our new little one, Lord willing. Hopefully. Because I've been known to be overdue. In the extreme. That wouldn't be fun to do again. I actually love being pregnant - no sickness, no problems, except that I think my body likes it a little too much! If you think about it, please pray this baby comes ON TIME!
We've been in the States now a little over two months. Some days I feel adjusted, but many days I still feel like a fish out of water. This summer has been such a blessing. We've been able to spend a lot of time with our families. We've had time to just enjoy living and loving and making memories.
We've started traveling, but all our summer meetings are in Michigan until the new baby arrives! Yeah!!! At this point, sitting in a car for hours and hours on end isn't very comfortable!
Some weeks move at a nice, slow pace, and some weeks I feel like the speed of life here is way more than I can handle! Rushing from thing to thing, activity to activity, place to place...and dear people saying,
"Hey, you want to go do such-and-such?"
"When?" I ask.
Yikes! I don't think I handle spontaneity very well any more!
Some days I'm overwhelmed by all the choices. Grocery shopping still requires a lot of effort. Other days, I'm underwhelmed by the choices. Why can't Wal-Mart be more like Amazon and Etsy? Why isn't the stock of the entire world at my fingertips? This is America, for goodness sakes!
We continue to work through this reverse culture-shock as a family. Some days are super easy for the girls and others, not so much. Poor things have a lot to figure out, including, but not limited to, who are all these people that know them, but they've never met or even seen a picture of? what do all these strange American English phrases mean, and how do they use them properly? why do they have to eat all these odd looking and tasting foods? how in the world do the sinks,hand-dryers, and door locks work at each different public restroom?
I'm also nesting, or at least trying to. I know some of you missionary mamas can understand trying to nest when you don't feel like you've got a tree! I think my desire to nest is coming out in wierd ways -- cooking and baking (things I probably shouldn't be eating); wanting to try every new recipe with every new ingredient I can find; an overwhelming desire to go picnicking, Martha Stewart-style, no less; the desire to craft every cute thing I see on the Internet, but realizing that if I bought all the necessary supplies, I'd be broke, and knowing that our shipping space to take it back to Ghana is limited.
As this baby and I have now grown quite large, I'm not sleeping too well. And that's okay, just getting me ready for 2 a.m. feedings. That means I've got a lot more time to think than usual. Can you tell?
Thinking about being a believer, a wife, a mommy, a missionary, a blogger, and how do those things all work together? Having so many seemingly good ideas and desires and knowing I cannot and should not do them all. Knowing, too, that I should do some.
Thinking about being an encourager. This world is full of hurting people. Rarely do we know the hurts, and even if we do, do we know the extent of those hurts? How deeply those things pain?
How can I edify family, friends, missionaries, converts, church members, those in America, those in Ghana, those in my own home? How do I properly spend time with those I've been given to train and teach on a daily basis, and yet still reach out to those in the broader circles around me?
Baby Brain....lots to the time baby gets here, I'm sure I won't have any brain cells left. Better get my thinking in now.


  1. first I want to say I LOVED this post. I read it last night while I was feeding a little one and trying to stay awake. I wanted to comment but only had one arm!

    in answer to your question about making it look bigger...I just keep fiddling til I like what I get! Sometimes I do things and wonder how did I do that? Try this.... On your dashboard click DESIGN
    click ADJUST WIDTHS....slide it to max.

    If your header doesn't get larger you'll probably have to resize that on the program you designed it on and add it again. I used PICNIK and Photobucket for that and seriously had to keep resizing it and re-adding it til I like it. Hope this helps! Any thing else just ask! Maria

  2. you are such a great lady! I love you! So nice to have you here!Cannot wait to meet that baby!

  3. You are so good at putting your thoughts down on paper(or cyber paper), even if it is "Baby Brain". Most days lately, I feel that I have NO brain:) I enjoyed the post and reading your perfectly normal thoughts. Praying for you and baby!