Friday, April 8, 2011


After last week's exciting post, I'm thinking that anything I write won't quite match up!
This has been a long and full week with a few unexpected twists and turns thrown in. Isn't that life, though?!?

We are busy finishing school - only two weeks left! Both the girls and I will be quite ready for a bit of a vacation after this whirlwind semester! I'm not sure who has a harder time getting into the schoolroom some mornings. We are looking forward to a bit of relaxed learning when we get back to the States. We plan on making good use of the local library and enjoying spring -- something neither of my girls are very familiar with!

We are also working hard to finish all the sorting, cleaning, and organizing that goes with packing up life for a year. Boxes here, bags there, stacks of books and trunks, and suitcases in another corner -- it can get a little overwhelming at times, but we're doing our best to find a place for everything! Little by little it is getting done.

I've actually felt quite well the last few weeks, and my energy level seems to be holding...finally! Gotta love that second trimester :)
Thanks for all the sweet comments and well wishes. God has been so good to us!

In other silly news, we have some new pets. About fifty or so, I'd guess! If you know me well, you know that pets aren't my thing, but these couldn't be passed up! About two weeks ago, we were out visiting as a family. We stopped by the side of the road for something or other, and then Carey and Ella began to shout, "Look, Mama!" The open gutter on the side of the road was crammed full of itty-bitty tadpoles. As we had just talked about them in Science class, we had to convince Daddy that they should go home with us for "scientific observation." John finally bought a bottle of water and drank the contents, since I wanted to try catching them up in a plastic bag. Probably not one of my brightest moments! He sweetly scooped them up, and I carried them around in my purse for several hours. They made it to the house alive, and we've had a wonderful time watching them grow. I must say, though, that tadpoles grow much slower than I expected. I'm hoping we'll at least see legs on them before we have to travel!

I didn't have any new pictures for this week -- I don't think I even picked up the camera! I may try to snap a few of the tadpoles and whatnot this week, although pictures of real-life right now might be a little much!
As I was looking for inspiration, I ran across these all yellow pics from last year. I love yellow! It's bright, happy, sunshiney, and highly motivational! And on that note, I've got work to do!
As a postscript, if you think about it, would you please pray that our government paperwork would be finished on Tuesday? I won't go into the long, boring details, but it would be such a huge blessing if it was all finished when John heads to the capital on Tuesday. Thanks, friends!

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  1. Praying for you guys! I can't imagine packing life for a year... and I was stressed with three weeks:)