Friday, April 15, 2011

My Addiction, Among Other Things

This week has been just as full as I thought it would be! I tried to grab the camera at different times throughout the week. We all love taking pictures of the "special" things, but don't we want to remember the "real-life", too?
We've been packing, schooling, cooking, cleaning, organizing, entertaining friends, and a whole slew of other things this week. I thought the week would fly by, but instead it seemed to move verrrrrrrrrrrrry slowly. I guess I should count that as a blessing! Maybe that's because I had plenty to keep me busy.....or maybe it's because I found out that I'm addicted to sleeping with an air conditioner. What??? Yes, me, I have an addiction.
When we first moved to the field, a veteran missionary told us that the best money we would ever spend would be on an air conditioner for our bedroom. He said it would help us sleep well and that good sleep was very important for a missionary. Well, we thought we knew better; we thought we didn't have enough money; we thought we were strong, healthy, robust! We were wrong. We slept without an air conditioner our entire first term, and when we went on furlough, I'm pretty sure we slept for the first two weeks straight. Comatose. Out.
When we came back for our second term, we decided to invest in a window unit. The veteran was right - it is the best money we've ever spent. I found out that I was a better wife, a better mommy, and an all-around nicer and healthier person when I actually slept well every night. Enter last Friday night. We turned on the unit, and it started making the strangest sounds. We turned it off, let it rest, and hoped that it was just a power fluctuation (which isn't uncommon here). Turned it back on, waited a few minutes....the noise came back even worse. Sigh. Repairmen don't work on the weekends. Bigger sigh. Took it to the shop on Monday, and today it is finally, happily home in our bedroom.
Right now it is humming its happy tune and blowing really cold air. Big sigh with a smile on my face. Tonight I will sleep soundly for lots of reasons. Cold air. No squeaky fan going round and round. No mosquitoes singing in my ear. No open windows letting in the sounds of trucks honking, roosters crowing, dogs barking, or churches having all-night singing-and-speaking-in-tongues services. No waking up in the middle of the night in a puddle of sweat. No more soggy pillow. I always have much to be thankful for, but tonight, I'm extra thankful. In the midst of all of this out-of-the-ordinary, we've been trying to squeeze in moments to focus on this special time of year. We enjoy celebrating all holidays, but we try to make extra effort at Easter. Part of me really didn't want to mess with decorating for Easter or even put my heart into talking about it much, but it's such an important part of who we are as believers. So, I decided I better make the effort, and of course, it's been well worth it. My girls love our Resurrection Eggs, and they can't wait to see the picture we add to our Easter tree each day. Well worth the little time it takes to sow those seeds in their little hearts and minds (my own, too!), I think. I got my wish with the tadpoles -- not only do we have legs, but we've actually got a few of the cutest, teensy-tiniest frogs you've ever seen! The only problem now is that I've found out lettuce leaves and weeds aren't enough. Now they need meat. Yes.......meat. Frogs do eat things like flies, gnats, etc., and since there aren't too many of those in our little "pond", I've got to give them scraps of meat. 'Cause if I don't.....they'll eat each other. Ummmm, yeah. Frogs can be cannibals. Oh, the lovely things you learn when you study nature! I'll do my best to keep right on posting every Friday until we fly out. I'm sure there will be some lag during the time we travel and arrive in the States and get everything set up for life on the other side of the pond. Unfortunately, it looks like my camera might be dieing. I'm hoping to make it last until we get to the States, but we shall see!
Keep praying about our government paperwork. As of this moment, we can't legally leave the country in three weeks. But.....we can't stay, cause that's the last week that I can officially fly.
Good thing God knows what's gonna happen!
Wishing you all a wonderful Easter week reflecting on who He is and all He's done for us!

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