Friday, March 25, 2011

Bright Spots in Busy Days

Since I last wrote, life has gotten a tad busier :)
We had our immigration interview - and yes, he believed that we were telling the truth and were really missionaries here in Ghana! I'm glad he decided that, because I'm not sure what else we could be!?!?
We celebrated St. Paddy's day a few days late, but who's counting? And if you're gonna make a mess that big and colorful, you gotta take pictures!
John had to make a trip to Accra, and we got to go along. When we arrived, we were told the papers we were coming to pick up were not finished. Long story short, we got to rest just a little bit as a family. It was nice!
Now we are home and busily going through closets and storage, cleaning out the junk before furlough. It's actually quite nice to uproot your life every few never accumulate too much stuff that way!
Thought you might enjoy seeing some of my bright spots these last few busy days!

You must eat rainbows on St. Patrick's Day. And make a big mess, I might add!

This is David and his mommy. His dad Robert is one of our faithful men. He's playing with the neighbor's homemade car.

Benedict walking! For those of you who know his story, this is such a wonderful blessing!

Some random bright spots from around the Guest House where we stayed. Enjoying God's beautiful creation, some play time for the girls, and some play time for Daddy, the Lego Man :)
Hope your week was as full of blessings as mine was!


  1. already loving your blog! I had rainbow cupcakes in my mind to make but decided to wait. They turned out really cool! We've prayed for Benedict and it made me smile to see his picture. Your new follower, Maria

  2. Looks like a wonderful week, with many blessings sent your way:)
    I know what you mean about moving every few years. I told Shane the other day, that it is about time to move again..... things are getting a bit cluttered after almost 3 years. Of course, we won't be moving out of this town, but it would be nice to have a home of our own in God's timing.