Friday, October 29, 2010

From Two to Four and Back Again

As you may or may not know, God has sent us some wonderful co-workers. Andrew and Emily have been with us since January of 2009, learning, adapting, and preparing to plant more churches here in Ghana.
In January of this year, they told us the wonderful news that their family would be growing by one. Of course, we were excited for them and offered to help in any way possible.
After much consideration and many prayers, they decided to have their new wee one in the capital city, Accra. They found an excellent hospital there and were very please with the doctors, staff, and care they received. All seemed easy enough except for one tiny detail.....Accra is not very close to Kumasi. Ummmmm, not at all; like four or five hours away. Minor detail.
So they traveled to Accra as needed for check-ups and such with no problems. As the time drew closer, we asked them what they planned on doing with their two children, Mimi (5) and Adam (almost 4). They had it all planned out. Some missionaries from Cape Coast, which is much closer to the capital, were going to be in Accra. They would pick up the kids and take them to their house for a few days. Easy enough.
And then life intervened.
The Cape Coast missionaries had some things happen; the missionary wife had to fly back to the States to help her dying father; Emily started having signs of possible early labor. To make a long story short, plans had to change.
And that is how we found ourselves one day in the middle of September growing from a family of two kids to a family of four. A six-year old, a five-year old, and two three-almost-four-year olds.
We grew over a Sunday afternoon. We went to church in the morning with two kids, and we went back to church that night with four.
And so started our adventures. Everywhere we went people were shocked. Four children that close in age is not common here. For economic reasons, people here try to space their children out by three years or so. And here we were with four kids in stairstep.
We had four children sleeping in one room, two in two beds, and two on an air mattress on the floor. Four little people to keep clean and happy, fed, bathed, and schooled.
We thought this little adventure would be fun and short. Then after poor Andrew and Emily rushed to Accra, the new baby decided she wasn't as ready to come as we'd all originally thought. We told them not to worry; we would be fine with the kids. And we were.
We had a wonderful time being a family with four kids instead of two. Mimi and Adam stayed with us from that Sunday all the way 'til the next week Monday. On that day, we loaded everybody onto a bus at 5 am and headed to Accra to see the newest member of the Aaron family. Jane Elisabeth finally arrived very late Saturday night.
And so we went from a family of two kids to four kids and back again.
And can I just throw in there, that little boys are quite a bit different than little girls?????
Here's are adventure in picture form..........

Adam, who thought he could magically fit inside the doll house

Piles of laundry

A very crowded bedroom

My laundry helpers

Can you tell I did a lot of laundry?

Keeping everybody busy with a hockey game

Time for school

Everybody working diligently, or at least pretending to do so!

Kids deciding it would be fun to dress like beggars??? Don't ask me where they come up with these ideas!

One of the four goose eggs Adam got on his head while staying with us

The baby bird that Adam convinced Ella she had killed, and thus sent her into uncontrollable sobs

Clown Night

More clowns, though I'm not sure my kids even really understand what a clown is...

Tumbling Monkeys and Daddy ready for bed!
It was a fun and tiring week!

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