Friday, October 1, 2010

A Curve Ball

Do you ever feel like life throws you a curve ball?
The last few months seem to have been and continue to be one unexpected thing after another. And guess what? I'm learning again, to be okay with that.
Way back in May, John's sister and our friend got to come to Ghana. We had a delightful time with them and really enjoyed having them here. But after that...well, I guess it threw off my groove. We finished up school, and then headed into summer. We hadn't been into the summer too long before Ella did a number on her foot. She punctured it by stepping on something or other, and no matter what we did, it kept getting worse. When we saw the red streaks coming from it and moving up her leg, we decided it was about time to head to the clinic. The doctor put her on a round of antibiotics and sent her to the "dressing" room.
--On a side note, the dressing room is where they do shots, clean and dress wounds, etc.
Anyways, they scrubbed, dug at, cleaned, swabbed, and about anything else you could think of, that wound. Ellla was screaming, and I was doing my best to hold her tight! She also got a tetanus shot. Oh, the joy!
To add to the fun, I had to take her back to the dressing room every morning for a week. She was thrilled to death the second day when they pulled out the scissors to cut off the excess skin!
On the way to the doctore the tnird or fourth day, we had quite an experience. Ella and I ran into a crazy lady....
To be continued next week!

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