Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Under the Big Top

As missionaries, we are often asked what our job is. There are actually quite a few different missionary "jobs". Some missionaries do medical outreach, some do humanitarian aid. Some build, some teach, some train, and some care for orphans. Some are called to plant churches. That's our job.
Our first term in Ghana was one of learning and growing. That is what God wanted for us, and we are very grateful. This second term has been one of stepping out into the joys and trials of church planting.
It has been an amazing ride so far! Solid, self-supporting, self-governing, and self-propagating churches are not built quickly where we live. So instead of building one church at 100 mph, we build more than one at a time. Right now we have two Bible studies in two different communities. The Bible study in Atonsu meets in a school building on Sunday mornings and evenings. We also have a second Study that meets on Thursday evenings in Ahensan. Until a few weeks ago, we simply met under a tree. It worked really well.....unless it rained!
During last year's rainy season, everyone began asking about finding a building or putting up a shelter of some kind. Since then, our people have been faithful to give, and we recently purchased a canopy for our Thursday night Bible Study.

The kids were excited about our new tent!

Putting it up!

Singing time under the "BIG TOP"!

Our sign hanging out front - and, no, we don't have a name yet. We are not officially a church. That will come in time. When we officially organize the church, we'll simply make a new sign.

Everyone is welcome!
If you think of it, we are actually starting a brand-new study tomorrow (Wednesday, June 9th) night in Kaasi. Please be in prayer for this new area. We have a few church members who live in this area and are very excited about reaching their friends and neighbors for Christ!

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  1. Patti,

    I thoroughly enjoy your blogs and hearing about your day to day trials and triumphs. Please keep writing. I'll keep praying.

    Robbyn Apthorp
    Tri-City Baptist