Thursday, May 27, 2010

This and That

Wow, have we been busy! Life has been zooming by the last few weeks just as I thought it would. Since last I wrote, we've said good-bye to our co-workers for a month, had John's sister, Lynette, and our friend Rhonda come for almost two weeks and go, done all the visiting, Bible studies, and services on our own, painted the girls' room, celebrated our family birthday, and (as of tomorrow) finished school for the year.....YiPeE!!!!
We've enjoyed everything that's been going on, it just hasn't given us much time for any extras!

We had a great time with Lyn and Rhonda. What a blessing to be able to share the ministry and our day-to-day lives with them. I'll have to post more about their trip later.
Once a year our family celebrates a family birthday together. Since three of the four people in our little family all have birthdays very close to Christmas, and since they seem to get lost around Christmas time for us and family members far away, we have a big family party in the summer and celebrate our birthdays all at once. Lynette brought lots of treats and gifts for our special day, so we decided to celebrate it now, instead of waiting for the first of July like we normally do.

We had a great time together!
The last pictures I'm including today are of the girls' room redo. Since moving into this house almost five years ago, we've been slowly repainting the rooms. After five years and two little girls, you can imagine how nice the yellow walls looked (especially since it wasn't a type of paint that could be washed!). We had some money left over from Lyn's trip so we painted the girls' room. We already had some fairy and flower stickers so we painted a blue sky and green grass. If you've seen this room before (all three of you!), you will know that this was a huge improvement! The girls love it and so do I!

So, school will be done tomorrow, and our co-workers are scheduled to be back next week. I've got lots more stories, but those will have to wait for another day! They include a scorpion, a tent, and a salvation testimony. Guess I'll just leave you in suspense....

Have a great week!


  1. Patty, that hardly looks like the same room! Where is the kitchen set?

  2. Yeah! So happy that your school is complete... now you all need a break:)
    What a blessing that you have helpers in the ministry. Please pray that the Lord will send workers to Hinton Baptist... sometimes it's rough by ourselves.

    Hope you had a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!