Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hold On To Your Hat.....

Well, this is gonna be a whirlwind post, just like the last month of my life! In fact, if I get too long, I'll just stop and start again later. I don't want anybody getting bored, but I would like to get everybody caught up on all the happenings here in Ghana.
First, I want to invite everybody to go visit For Missionary Moms. Ashley has been posting stories of missionary moms who've given birth overseas, and my and Carey's story was featured on Monday. Fun memories!
Onward, Forward! Since the last time I blogged, we've had immigration problems and resolutions, we've been on a verrrrrrrrrrrry long trip to Accra and back trying to resolve said problems. The bus ride home is worth an entire post in and of itself. Our own bus got canceled because there were not enough customers; we got shifted to the northern bus that was already oversold; that bus left two hours late, it was so full that people were sitting in every stairwell and luggage was piled in the floor. God was so good in allowing my very hungry, cranky daughters to fall asleep until ten minutes before we reached a place that sold food. But I digress. Like I said, that needs an entire post all on its own!
We had a crazy week trying to get ready for the Easter activities, including John and Andrew having to try to dig, yes, I said dig, out the river, because we needed deep enough water to baptize on Sunday.
Easter Sunday was incredible with five adults being baptized! Then, we had a churchwide picnic on Easter Monday, and yes, that is a real holiday here in Ghana. We ate breakfast together and then played. We did relays and sack races and a scavenger hunt. Most of these things were a first for almost all of our people so of course that made it all the more fun!
Let's see, what else happened?!? Carey, John, and I all got sick on different days and passed it to Andrew and his family in the midst of all this....our rains haven't started yet so it's been as hot as firecrackers here....we're trying to get school finished up for the year....because the rains haven't come, our water hasn't been flowing as much as normal, thus hauling buckets....John's sister and friend are coming in a few weeks, and we are trying to get ready for their trip.....and we are trying to finish painting the kitchen! Shhhhhhewwwwwwwww! I'm tired just typing it!
So, there you go! Our whirlwind! And on that note, I'm outta here, cuz I got supper to cook! I'll try to get back to my regular posting soon, and next I promise I'll post pictures, too :)

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  1. Wow! How exciting to have the baptism of new converts:) Easter Monday is also a holiday in Canada.. love it! Praying for you, friend!