Thursday, March 18, 2010

In Like a Baboon?

You know the old saying, "March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb"? Well, I think either I'm going nuts or the people here in Ghana (who don't even know that saying) are taking it literally. I've seen the strangest animals everywhere.
Saw a man walking a baboon down the road a few days ago. A real baboon - like the ones that have really sharp teeth and are really scary looking!
Went to the market with John for our date last week (that's a picture of us after coming out of the market, all hot and sweaty, but still alive!) to try to find some interesting spices and such. Found the spices and also found dried chameleons. Just in case you wanted them -- for what, I'm not too sure.

Went to the grocery store yesterday, and when I was buying my fruits and vegetables at the market outside, I found a run-away snail. Well, he was trying to run away, but he didn't get too far! He was about 2 inches from his bucket! It really tickled my funny bone - a run-away snail :)
And today, the only thing my kids have wanted to talk or think about is crabs. Why, you may ask? Because our neighbors bought one yesterday. Not to eat - to play with. And now that is all my girlies want to do is torture, I mean, play with the cute little guy!
I'm kind of worried about what the rest of the month has in store! I'll keep my eyes open, though!

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