Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And the Winner Is.....

I'm back, and I have the winner of the food contest all figured out!
Before I announce the winner, though, I thought you might want to know what the foods are!
#1 - Kenkey (fermented and cooked corn dough), fried fish, papaya (the orange stuff), and bananas; the Coke doesn't count, because we are drinking it :)
#2 - Grilled tilapia (fish), fried rice, shito (hot pepper condiment), and salad
#3 - The food I actually wanted you all to identify was the stuff in the ground, which was green onions or leaf lettuce. But, everybody tried to identify the trees in the back, which are plantain trees. Sorry, not banana trees!
#4 - Pizza in a brick oven
#5 - Our Thanksgiving turkey, neck included. And yes, people here love to eat the neck!
#6 - Jollof rice; it is rice cooked in a tomato, hot pepper, and meat stew. It gets its distinctive flavor from a mix of dried hot peppers and nutmeg!
#7 - Goat stew and white rice; this was actually from a meal John ate with Inusah's family for the breaking of Ramadan.
#8 - Sugar cane!
#9 - That is a grape fruit that Carey is holding.
#10- I am eating a wonderful, delicious, almost American s'more! (It's almost American, because instead of graham crackers, we use milk biscuits, and instead of good old Hershey bars, we use our yummy Ghanaian chocolate!)
There you have it!
Most of you did quite well!
And now.....drum roll please,..........the winner is......A TIE!!!!!!!!!
Both Kristy Davis and my Mom tied! And I promise, I didn't give my mom any answers! Well, Mom, you might have a little bit of an advantage since you've been here twice :)
An honorable mention must go to the Martin family, too! You all were soooo close (with 5 1/2 points :) )!
So, as soon as you send me your addresses, I'll get your chocolates in the mail!
Thanks for playing everybody!

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  1. So funny... I can't believe we even placed Shane and I did it together, He's smart!
    My address is
    174 McPherson Drive
    Hinton, AB T7V 1J9

    Maybe I'll send you some Canadian chocolate back:)