Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where have I been???

Well, it has been a crazy few weeks!
For those of you who don't know what is going on (at this point, I'm not sure who knows what!), I'll give you the rundown.
I started having some health problems about two weeks ago. The doctor I needed to see only comes to the clinic we use on Tuesdays. I'm sure that doesn't make sense to everybody, but that is how it is here. Not enough health care workers. Anyways, on Tuesday of last week John and I headed to the clinic. When we got there, we found out the doctor had traveled for a few weeks. After talking to the doctor and doing some praying, we decided it would be best ot head for Accra (the capital). We left at 5 a.m. Wednesday morning. We were able to get to my doctor there, and the line wasn't too bad!
Side note -- doctor visits don't work by appointments here. It is first come, first served!
He checked everything out, put me on two different antibiotics, two pain killers, and two vitamins. He then told me to visit the doctor here in Kumasi for the follow-up.
So today we headed back to the doctor in Kumasi. He was back from his trip and able to talk through everything with me.
The verdict -- I have to have outpatient surgery on Saturday morning. I will be put under for a short while. After I wake up and everything checks out okay, I will get to go home. A few days after that all should be well. The really good thing is that I was told that this procedure should make sure that this problem does not return.
So there you have it!
Thanks so much for the kind notes and well wishes I've already received. Please continue to pray for the doctor, the procedure, and my husband and family at this time!


  1. I will be praying for you. Hope everything turns out as you need it. Feel better!

  2. Patty, We surely will continue to pray for your completed healing and for the family at this time when mom is not at 100%!

  3. Hi Patty!
    Dad and I love you very very much!! Dad & I praying for you, John, the girls, the doctor there, & the procedure. We are praying for your mom & dad too (sometimes it is very hard to be so far away.)

    We love you sweetheart!

    Love, Mom & Dad Sommer