Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Signs of the Seasons?

One interesting thing about where we live is our seasons. Or should I say, seeming lack thereof?
If you've ever looked at Ghana on a map or globe (do you know where Ghana is? :)), you will see that we are located just north of the equator. I think we are roughly located at 4 or 5 degrees north of the line. Technically we are located in the Northern Hemisphere, so our seasons aren't backwards like those living in the Southern Hemisphere. But, since we are located in a tropical climate, we don't have the normal four seasons, either.
We have four seasons -- rainy season, rain-at-night-dry-during-the-day season, dry season, and starting-to-rain-again season. If we are lucky, we sometimes squeeze in a fifth season mid-December to mid-January called Harmatan. Some years the winds blow from the north and bring the cold dry air from the Sahara Desert during this time. This is the only time of year I can straighten my hair! It is wonderful!!!
This is my normal 'do!

Anyways, to get back to the point, because of the times of year our rain falls, we end up having our hottest weather when most Americans have their coldest, and out coldest weather when most Americans have their hottest.
In the end, it sounds kind of like our seasons are switched, doesn't it???
Now, I told you all those wonderful scientific facts so that I could talk about food again. Hang with me, I'm getting to the point!
Coming from Michigan, I grew up enjoying four seasons (most years, anyways!). Tulips growing in the spring, berry-picking and gardening in the summer, apple-picking, pumpkin-picking, and leaves falling in the autumn, and lots of snow falling in the winter.
I used to love going strawberry and blueberry picking each summer. There is nothing as delicious as strawberry shortcake or fresh blueberry muffins! Every year on July 4th we would make a cheesecake with a strawberry and blueberry American flag on top! Nothing means summer to me more than beautiful sunshine and fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden or Farmers Market.
Fast-forward to Ghana. Berries don't grown in tropical climates. I was okay with that until I started seeing all the wonderful recipes and blog posts about a million things to make with strawberries and blueberries.
So now, not only is it cold and rainy in the summer (cold, as in like 75 degrees), but there aren't any berries. That made me sad. I refused to look at any recipes requiring berries, because I didn't want to think about how good they would taste. Out of sight, out of mind, right?!?
I was really irritated, too, because in January, THE grocery store got a shipment of frozen strawberries. I should have bought a bag and saved it for "summer time" so I could at least have had strawberry shortcake once!
And as for frozen blueberries, I have never seen them here. Not one time in six years.
But then, the Lord gave me a wonderful knock-up-side-the-head. Even though I was pouting, because I couldn't have strawberries or blueberries, He gave me two wonderful blessings. Nothing like a blessing to show me how much of a sinner I am!
We found these at a little shop in town:

We made strawberry muffins - mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Then if that wasn't cool enough, in the same package from my mom with the little muffin pan, was a package of blueberry muffin mix!

Wow! I needed a major attitude adjustment, and instead of a kick in the seat of the pants like I needed, He gives me strawberries and blueberries!
This all me me really start to think, though. Maybe if I would have just asked for some strawberries or blueberries, what might He have given me then?


  1. God is so good.... beyond our wildest imaginations!!

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog. You always make me smile! I am beginning to relate to these things more and more. We've been here in Brazil for 6 months now, so I am starting to miss some blueberry muffins! BTW, most days I have the same hair-do!

  3. ISN't GOD great! and MOM so wonderful! How wonderful that you got to enjoy some of your favorite things!
    We love you!

  4. So wonderful! I just love reading your post. Like Amanda said, you make me smile.
    Good thing the Lord gave you a good sense of humor:)