Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What's for Dinner?

Ask any American (or Westerner, for that matter) what's the first thing they think of when they hear the word "Africa", and you will get some interesting answers.
When John and I first started traveling the country on deputation we were warned of many of these dangers. In fact, I had one dear sweet older lady buy me a very large butcher knife to carry in my purse, just in case.
When John and I returned home on our first furlough, we got all kinds of questions. What was it like? Do you live in a hut? the jungle? a tree? Do you see lions on a regular basis? giraffes? snakes? spiders? scorpions?
To be fair, though, the most common question we got asked was, "What do you eat?" I'm not even going to include some of the dishes I was asked about -- and for those of you wondering, we do NOT EAT MONKEY BRAINS. I included that for those who wanted to ask, though :)
So today I thought I'd include a dish we are eating this week -- waakye. It is delicious!
The waakye itself is made from white beans, rice, spices, and red leaves. The stew for the top is made from tomatoes, oil, and ground dried shrimp and herring.

You can add any meat you like (I usually use chicken or fish), and then you add your favorite toppings. Cooked spaghetti noodles, gari (ground dried cassava), lettuce, tomatoes, and shito (our favorite condiment) can all be added.

Mix everything together and enjoy!
So now that I've told you what's for dinner at my house, what's on your menu for tonight?


  1. I think seafood is the main reason I might not make it if I lived in Africa!

    What's for dinner? Anything that doesn't make me feel sick! At this point, that's not much!

  2. Home made Chicken Noodle Soup at my house! I'm loving these cooler temps...I'm pulling out all the soup recipes!

    Is it Spring or Fall where you are?

  3. Neat!
    Tonight it was left-overs from a birthday tea party that we had today .... sausage rolls, veggies and dip, and fruit.