Wednesday, September 23, 2009


For those of you who have never been to my house....(most of you, I think!), I do not live in a hut! I know that must be very surprising since I live in Africa :) I live in a flat. A flat is like a really big apartment -- connected to several other really big apartments. I think you get the picture. Anyways, we not only live in a flat, but we have a wall around the property and almost all the ground inside the wall is covered in cement. I don't live in a tropical jungle; I live in an urban jungle! Since I am surrounded by lots of concrete you would think my little kiddos wouldn't get very dirty when they play, but let me tell you, they have their ways!
The other afternoon the girls were playing out on the compound while I was cooking supper. After about twenty minutes I heard them coming in the door complaining that they were cold. Ummmmmmmmmm, what??? WE LIVE IN AFRICA!!!
They had managed to find a little tiny mud puddle left over from the rain the night before and had rolled in it. At least I think they rolled, because I can't figure out any other way they got sooooo dirty!!!

This puddle wasn't more than a foot square!
Well now they needed a bath before supper. That wouldn't be too difficult, except our water doesn't usually work during the day. So out to the water storage tanks we went!

We filled the buckets...

Got in the buckets...

Then started soaping up...

Some liked that part better than others!
Time for revenge, I mean time for rinsing...

All clean!

Ahhhh! Nothing like a nice relaxing bath before supper!


  1. Kids will be kids! Looks like you all had fun with that one.
    Kyle made it on the basketball team at collage. At least he made it through all the cuts. Now the fun really begins! I know he is really excited! We love you guys! Take care~!

  2. Looks like they take after their mom:)
    Such cute girls... you just couldn't be upset with those faces.

    Love the new look!

  3. So funny! Love the girls all folded up in the buckets. :)

  4. I see so much of you in these pretty little faces! Especially in the one filled with mischief! :-) I enjoyed reading your posts tonight! I didn't know you had a blog. I just started one last night. I think they can be a great tool. Hope you are doing well my friend.


  5. What a thrill for me when your mom stopped in tonight and showed me your blog... for the record, my name is Bob Johnson, I live in Lexington, KY, my wife is Beth and we have a niece who, along with her husband, serves Christ in Ghana. Just seemed like I should drop a line to say "Hi", love you and am expecting you to accept my Face Book friend request immediately.