Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer Fun!

It has been another interesting week in the life of the Sommer family!
It all started on Sunday with a "special" visitor coming to church -- a dog. Now, when you meet in a room with the doors propped open, it is not too uncommon to have things (besides people) wander in. The problem with this dog is that it was sick. Not just a little sick, a lot sick. The dog had rabies. I kid you not! Several people tried to shoo it out after it started barking during the preaching, but it was acting very aggressive. Finally, John grabbed one of the stones used for a door prop and rolled it at the thing. It left, but kept coming back to visit!

The dog was quite far away by the time I felt safe enough to grab my camera, but I got a picture of him as he headed behind the brick pile at the end of the school building.
Monday is our day off. We head to town to do our shopping and errands for the week. It is also my night off from cooking so we usually buy "chop" (the term used for fast food here). This week John took us somewhere special. We went to On the Run! It is kind of like a food court with three different restaurants, a bakery, and an ice cream spot. The thing the girls like best, though, is that they have a play place! It may not be impressive to those of you who live in the States, but for little girls who only dream of things like this, it is a big deal!!! This is the only public playground equipment in our entire city, plus you can eat pizza while you play!

We all had lots of fun!

On Tuesday, we went with John to help him repair the windows at the school building where we meet for church. We had a great time helping dad and playing with all the kids that came around!

Most of the kids here have very few toys, but they are quite creative. This little boy made a semi-truck from old tin cans and flip-flops!

The kids tried for a while to catch a chicken. They finally managed to catch a chick!

We had a wonderful week and are enjoying the end of our summer vacation. It'll be back to school pretty soon!


  1. Well, minus the dog, what a fun time! =0)

  2. Thanks for all the pictures! I love the truck the little boy made. So, so creative!

  3. Looks like lots of fun! I enjoyed seeing all of the pictures and smiling faces. Wow! what a great toy truck!

  4. I just found your blog and it is a real blessing to share it with my six children. It really helps us to pray when we read the words and see the faces. Your Dad will be at our church (FBC Nashua, NH) next weekend and we're really looking forward to it. :)- Hilary

  5. Well, Hi there!

    It's been nice "meeting" you! Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have a lovely blog as well, and an even lovelier (is that a word?!) family.

    I'll be back often, as I've included your blog in the list that I follow regularly.

    God Bless You as you labor for him in Africa.

    Oh..and by the way...Praise The Lord for Pizza and play places!!


    Have a great weekend!
    Nina in Portugal