Saturday, May 2, 2009


Well, we can finally say that we "have arrived" as missionaries in the minds of all the people that support us. Yes, most people that support African missionaries imagine us daily fording rivers filled with crocodiles, marching through elephant grass, and fighting lions as we go out to preach the gospel, all while we single-handedly have spiritual duels with witch doctors. Though we do not fit these Western mindsets of a missionary, I think that we have finally filled one requirement. John has killed a snake! Yes, this last Thursday night John had the privilege of killing his first snake. I would like to tell you that as he and Andrew were walking to check on some people before Bible study, a green mamba jumped out of a tree in front of them and tried to bite them. I would like to tell you that like Indiana Jones, John pulled out a machete (that people think every missionary wears on his/her back) and cut off it head with one blow. But, sadly that is not what happened.

After visiting some of our people and reminding them about the night meeting, John and Andrew saw a taxi driver stop his car, jump out, and run to look at something. The driver was trying to kill a green mamba that was crossing the road! (Africans do not have the same regard to preserve species as most environmentalist would like them to. Here we have a simple rule: When you see a snake, you do not stop and ask if it is endangered. You know it will be deadly nine times out of ten, so you grab the first stone available and kill it. Find out what kind it is after it is dead). Knowing his social duty, John did his part. He grabbed a big rock and crushed its head!

Overall it was a new experience! After killing the thing with the stone, all the Ghanaians around gave John pats on the back. Then he got to come to the people already gathered for service and retell the story several times. I was not as happy to hear about the presence of the snake as the men were, but it was great fun to watch the men puff out their chests and tell their warrior's story!


  1. What!!! My thoughts of you strapping your kids to your back, holding a huge knife in hand, and chopping down the bushes just to make it to the church services and afterwards eating fish eyes for lunch with the half dressed natives with bones in their noses aren't true!!

  2. Hey Mrs. Sommer,
    I know this is for comments, but I just wanted to thank you for talking to me on the phone. That made my day, and I was so happy to talk to you. I also wanted to tell you that I miss you so much and you have really influenced me. And encouraged me when I think about going on the mission field. You have helped me in a lot of ways, that you have no idea about. I love you. Love, Jackie

  3. Ohhh! I bet that was pretty neat, but I like the first story better:) Indiana Sommers;)