Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Weekend

I finally have some pictures to load!!! I didn't get my camera fixed, but our fellow missionaries took lots of pictures this last weekend, so I was able to borrow pictures from them!
Easter is the most-celebrated Christian holiday we have in Ghana. It is much more widely celebrated than even Christmas!
The observances start a week prior to Resurrection Day. On Palm Sunday everyone cuts off palm fronds and attaches them to the fronts and backs of their cars, trucks, tro-tros, and motorbikes. All the children take palm fronds to church with them, often braiding them into elaborate fans.
The last day of school for the week is Thursday. Many churches have Good Friday services, and many people dress in black for the day.
On Sunday, almost everybody who claims to be a Christian goes to church. Most people wear white, and many churches will have combined services so that everyone from their denomination meets together for a huge service. Many groups have Easter weekend programs where the whole family goes away for a church retreat for four days.
The day after Easter, we celebrate Easter Monday, an old hold-over from the British. This is a special time for families and church-families alike. Many churches will have a special day of football and games, and many families will travel to their home villages to see their relatives.

The Aarons, our new fellow missionaries

Our Thursday night service

Sunday School

We had a great picnic lunch together with the Aarons. We ate, hunted for Easter eggs, dyed eggs, and had a squirt gun fight!

We enjoyed a great weekend celebrating Jesus Christ's resurrection!


  1. I LOVED the pictures! The girls really had a wonderful time! Your dress is so beautiful, what a gorgeous color!!! Glad you had such a wonderful Easter! It is good to be a Christian!

  2. Hello, we are Jeremiah and Ambre Hershberger, soon to be graduates of Crown College. We go to Victory Baptist Church in Sevierville, TN where Aaron Swain is the pastor and the church supports you. We heard today in church about the good services you have been having and about the souls that have been saved recently. Thank you for your faithful service to the Lord. It is so exciting to see what He is doing. We just got on your blog and saw the picture of Andrew and Emily Aaron (and kids). We know them from Arkansas. Please tell them hi for us. We will be praying for ya'll as you continue to serve the Lord.
    God bless,
    Jeremiah and Ambre Hershberger

  3. Awwww... what fun!
    We also have Easter Monday. I think it's a perfectly good excuse to take another day off. for some anyway....:)

  4. looks like fun :) glad it was a great day/weekend for you all.... your girls are CUTE!! :)

  5. I love that last picture of you!! :) Looks like ya'll had fun!

    I agree with Jenny--great dress!