Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another Tongue

The Lord gave us another great week!
Thank you all for praying for Dora -- she accepted Christ as her Savior last Saturday!
Even though we live in the country of Ghana and everyone here is technically a Ghanaian, our country is made up of many tribal groups. Of course, each group has its own language, and many times, each language has several dialects. What a joy it is to hear people from these different groups pray to God for forgiveness of sin! When Dora accepted Christ on Saturday, I got to hear a brand-new dialect as she prayed - Kasanin-Nankana. I didn't even know this language existed!
We've now heard people accept Christ in Asante, Ewe, FraFra, Hausa, English, and Dora's language! I'm so glad God hears and understands them all!
Please continue to pray for our brand-new Bible studies we are starting today. We have three groups of ladies and teenage girls we are supposed to be meeting with. Each group has 3-5 people in it!
Also, Inusah and Fred, two of the young men who've accepted Christ, are supposed to start going visiting with my husband and Andrew. Please pray that they will be faithful in coming visiting and that it will be a great time of discipleship and growth for both of them!
We are still planning on a baptismal service the second Sunday of May. Please pray that Martha, David, Fred, Christiana, and Dora will make this important step of obedience.
Sorry there are no pictures, as of right now, my camera is broken beyond repair :( I'm not sure there is a solution coming any time soon.....
I'm going to try to borrow our friend's camera this weekend, so maybe some pics next week!
Enjoy Resurrection Sunday!

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  1. Wow!! Great post! I am moved at the testimony of hearing people accept Jesus is several languages!