Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Church

My church doesn't have a name yet. My church meets in a rented school building. My church doesn't have lots of programs or groups. But....we are still a church! We are a church, because a small group of believers is joining together regularly to worship God, learn more about His Word, and tell others about His saving grace! And now, we're adding observing the ordinances. (For those of you who went to Crown, I'm sure you'll notice a familiar definition!) This Sunday will be our first baptismal service.
Please pray that everything comes together for the service -- that the water will flow so that the reservoir we are using will fill, that the people who are planning on being baptized will follow through with this important step of obedience, and that those who are unsaved or saved but not baptized will learn from this special day.
Here are a few pics of the building and area where we meet, some of our past services, and our most recent youth activity.



  1. Praise the Lord for what He has done!! Will be praying for this special service...

  2. Chloe and I prayed for your baptismal service this morning.. We are home with a bug and John has gone on to the morning services.Praying for your work there.
    The Botts'

  3. How wonderful! That first paragraph is also how we feel, and the definition that my husband says often.... hmm, I wonder where he heard it?
    Isn't it neat to see a new work started, and to know that "we" are not doing the work, but our Great God in Heaven is building the church?

  4. Hey! Our move is finally almost complete! We have dug our way out of most of the boxes.

    I really enjoyed looking at the pictures of your church. I not only surely recognize the definition, but also the big banner hanging in your youth meeting! We need to make us one of those!!