Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Helpers

When we began preparing to start this new church, we were concerned about helpers. One thing that is very dangerous here is using people to help with a new church that have not been proven (goes along with Paul's admonition to "lay hands on no man suddenly"). Because of language misunderstandings, those who are not deeply grounded in what we believe can cause a lot of confusion in a new church. Well, it was amazing to see how God answered our prayers for help! He sent us Gifty, Evans, and Kofi. All three of them were saved in Baptist churches in Accra when they were younger. They are all students at the university here in Kumasi, and we met them through our campus Bible study we were part of last term. At different times, they all volunteered to come help with the new church plant. Gifty is my soulwinning partner and helps with translating for the children. This is Gifty at the youth activity - there was lots of dust from the broom hockey game!

Evans helps John with translating on Thursday nights and Sunday mornings.

Kofi is the second from the right in this picture. He helps on Sunday mornings and is learning to translate on Sunday nights. Please pray for him as he believes the Lord may be calling him to preach.

What a blessing these young people have been, not only for us, but also for this new church!


  1. What a blessing to have helpers in the Lord's work. The Lord has done the same for us here... for which we are grateful. We are also experiencing the scripture " to lay hands on no man suddenly". To a different degree, I am sure- as there are no language barriers. Praying for you and the new work. Such an encouragement to see another new work.

  2. Just wanted to say hi and we love you guys! Take care~
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you always.
    The Trogens