Saturday, November 8, 2008

On Being a Mom

Well, it has been a while since I've actually written something in a post. The last few have been things that John wrote. I hope you've enjoyed them!
Lately my life has been very full with being a mom. Of course, I've got lots of other responsibilites, but that one - mommyhood - seems to be demanding all of my time right now!
Carey and and Ella are such fun! They are also lots of work! Of course, those of you who are moms already know that!
We've been busy at school - most days both student and teacher enjoy it! Ella comes, too - she thinks she's all grown up - she tries to say all the letter sounds and numbers right along with Carey. When Carey gets something correct, Ella cheers and claps!

We had our family's annual Harvest Party a few weeks ago. It is a fun night of dress-up, games, and food. (And luckily for me, my children don't know that most kids get gobs of candy on that night so they don't know they're missing anything!)

We had such fun making decorations, finding costumes, and baking for it. I was especially excited this year, because I had a surprise for the family. A few months ago, I found something that looked like caramels at the store. They were imported from Brazil, and the writing was all in Spanish, so I couldn't be sure. But, they really looked like caramels to me! I put them in the freezer to save for our party. I was really looking forward to the prospect of having caramel apples! John heated up the caramels while the girls and I decorated cupcakes, but I forgot to tell him to thin them with milk. Everything was great until we tried to pull the dried apples off the tray.........they wouldn't come! We ended up having to pry them off with a knife, and then Ella tried to get all the extra caramel off the tray with her teeth! They were still delicious, though! And I think....that it was actually caramel!

As a mom, I've got the usual mommy jobs to do - cooking, cleaning, laundry - but being a mommy in Ghana means I get some extra-special jobs. I get to haul water, weed with a machete, sweep and mop...a lot, dust...a lot, mend clothes (no Wal-Mart to pick up a new dress), fix just about everything with super-glue (replacements for toys and such are often hard to come by), and cook from scratch! And the truth is...I wouldn't change my job for all the money in the world!
For those of you who knew me when I was younger, these statements probably surprise you. I was not known for being neat or for wanting to cook or doing anything in the housewifely arts (not sure if that is a word, but it fits). Well, a little while back, the Lord showed me that not only is being a wife and mother the highest calling I can have, but it can also be a lot of fun! So, I try to remember that...I don't always, but I try!


  1. AMEN--being a mommy is the BEST !! and I wouldn't trade the wife/mommy position for ANYTHING else in the world! and even with Walmart right around the corner, my girls' dresses get mended until they grow out of them... :) by the way-what sizes do your girls wear?? i often get hand-me-downs (i only keep and redistribute NICE ones) and we have an ABUNDANCE of girls clothing...... so e-mail me and let me know sizes and an address (if you are interested)'s great to hear how things are going over there...

  2. I enjoyed reading your post! I can relate to you on the not being known as the housewifey type. Look at us now! Now, my favorite days are the days when being wife and mommy is all that I have to do. My home is the greatest ministry that I have.

  3. Being a mom is by far the best thing in the world! My children are fast approaching adulthood ( except Jenni) but how fast it all goes. Kyle is at WCBC training to be a preacher! How awesome is that~! ?!?!?! Jackie is being called to the mission field and Jenni well, she has time yet! How awesome it is to see all that God is doing in the lives of those children he gave me to raise for HIM!!!! Motherhood is so fun, so hard, so awesome and what an awesome calling we mothers have! There are tough times , hard decisions to make but always love your children and teach them to love God and have a desire to do what God wants. I have enjoyed every stage and love my children a lot ! Did not always make others happy with me when I wouldn't let me kids do things they did. But in the end it was all so worth it~ Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it!
    I love you guys a lot ! Patty you were my girl when you were little and I know you are a great mom and I know how much you mean to Jackie! She loves you too John! Thanks again for all your time and love you put into the trip last summer! My children will never be the same~ Thank God for that~!
    We are praying for you~!

  4. Patty,
    I did caramel apples at a teen activity this year and had the same problem. Someone told me to put a little butter on your pan of wax paper before you set the apples on it. That way it comes off when it is time to eat!