Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hindsight is 20/20 by John

It is always amazing to me how God can take the things that we think are annoying, frustrating, or bad, and make them work together for good. I have seen this happen before, but it still amazes me.

Well, we had another very personal and wonderful lesson about this again this week. We got back from Bible study Thursday night around 9:30pm. Everyone was tired as usual, and when the taxi pulled into our street, I heard the one thing that I hate to hear at night here - the generator was on at the hotel next door. Our lights were off!

This was one of the things that God used to work on us when we first came here, and we have finally gotten used to it. But, we have been spoiled lately. I think our power has been on for the last three weeks straight! Anyway, we started the regular power-out-at-night routine: move the girls mattresses into our room where it is cooler, turn on the rechargeable lamps, light the candles, and pray that the lights come on or that it rains so that it gets cool enough to sleep. Well, I was laying there trying to be comfortable, frustrated because the girls were not sleeping, and asking God, "Why do the lights have to be off tonight?" I never knew how important it could be for the lights to be off.

Ella and I finally fell asleep, but Carey and Patty stayed awake (or should I say Carey kept Patty awake?). Carey said that she was afraid and wanted mom to lay next to her. After some time of talking, Patty told her that if she was afraid that she could pray to God and ask Him to help her not be afraid. Well, Carey thought about that for a while. Then, Patty said, Carey bowed her head and prayed, "Jesus, please forgive me for all my sins, and wash me with your blood. I believe Jesus died for me, thank you!" Well, needless to say, Patty was stunned. She asked Carey why she had prayed that and Carey said that she was afraid of going to Hell and needed forgiveness. After talking for a while Patty felt that she had a firm understanding of everything. Patty said that the best part was that after praying, Carey seemed to be at peace. After blowing out the candle, she just laid in her bed singing 'Jesus Loves Me'.

I was oblivious to the whole thing. The next morning I was at my desk praying when Carey came out and said, "Dad I prayed to Jesus last night, and He washed my sins away, so I am going to Heaven." We got to talk, and I could see that she was really happy. I have prayed since my daughter was born that she would trust Christ, and I never thought that the power going out would be so important.

You know, if we are not careful, we start to wish that we could remove the hard things in life, but I am starting to learn that they really are a gift! Just like Thursday night, sometimes the hard things give God the chance to do amazing things that you praise Him for afer!

Thank you God for letting the lights go out for 12 hours on October 17th, 2008, the day my daughter got SAVED!


  1. PRAISE the LORD!!!!!
    What an awesome night!
    ongratulations Carey and we love and pray for all of you~

  2. That was supposed to say congratulations!

  3. So happy that Carey was saved! We are praying for you..Just started the Missions conference at Temple and once again we have adopted your family to pray for throughout this year..My wife just found your blog, so now we can stay updated on what the Lord is doing there in Ghana.
    Love John, Heather, & Chloe Botts

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!! Our oldest girl got saved 2 weeks is the best to know they understand!!....also, Oct 17 is the day our newest girl came into this world!! so it's a special day for us too :)

  5. That is so wonderful! Our Aaron got saved 2 months ago and I know what a great feeling it is! Congratulations!

  6. Praise the Lord!!!!!! Our God is so good!! We have prayed so very long for her and each one of our precious grandchildren!! We Love you so very much Carey!!!!!!!
    Love, Grama and Grandpa Sommer

  7. Praise the Lord!!!!!! Our God is so good!! We have prayed so very long for her and each one of our precious grandchildren!! We Love you so very much Carey!!!!!!!
    Love, Grama and Grandpa Sommer

  8. Carey,
    I am so glad that you asked Jesus to come into your heart. Alyssa misses you! Love you.