Friday, October 3, 2008

Ghana, my home

As I go about my daily life here in Ghana, I am often asked a seemingly odd question: "How do you find Ghana?"
When I first came, all I could think to say was, "On a map!" I soon found out, though, that wasn't really what was meant by the question.
The people I meet want to know what I think of their country - do I like it? hate it? tolerate it?
At first, I said things like, "It's nice," or "It's a good place." After a while, I started saying things like, "I've been here a long time," or "It's normal." But since we've come back from furlough, I've been able to say in all honesty, "It's my home." Is that possible? Can this place really be my home?
When we first moved to Ghana, over five years ago now, I struggled every day with this fact. I had brought a pillow with me that said "Home is where your heart is." Every day as I made my bed (actually my mattress, since we didn't have a bed), I would think about that statement. Most days I would cry, because I knew my heart wasn't here, but in another place. I often wondered if Ghana would ever be my home. The amazing thing is that somewhere along the way, it happened. I don't know when, I don't really know how, but at some point, God changed my heart and my mind. I can't say that it has all been easy, but I've found that I don't learn too much when things are easy anyways. I can say, though, that it has been good. And each day, I'm reminded of the good home God has given me!


  1. It is amazing how God can bring your heart to where He is! Even though AL is not another country, I had trouble thinking of this place as home when we first, it is...I pray all is well with you....

  2. Hey gang!
    We love you and miss you! Jackie just finished making her scrapbook last week. She had put together a picture album but not a scrapbook til then. She is talking about coming back~ She cannot wait to either! We pray for you often and love you too!I knew that was homenow! I am so glad . God has a way of changing our hearts about the things we think we could never love.
    Hope the package made it!

  3. I am glad God has made a place for you there...

    I think the ministry is much like Pastor always told us, "It is not where you are going; it is who you are with."

    You have such a beautiful family.

    Have a great day!

  4. there any way you can give me info on getting in touch with Lynette? you can e-mail me if you dont want to put it up where all can see :)

  5. Your thoughts on home were so heartwarming. The peace that God gives is amazing. It may take us a while to get our hearts on board, but He always gives us above and beyond what we can imagine. I am glad you are at home! What a special heart the missionary has.